Fables Of The West (aka Slim & Curly)

Fables Of The West


VIDEO LINK: Fables Of The West @ Grand National Rodeo, Cow Palace, San Francisco Bay Area- on KPIX CH 5, 10/19/2018: https://youtu.be/8GbtWt1wnM8

2019 Fables Of The West Press Release…

Get ready to ride with Slim & Curly, the biggest little cowboys on the Old West trail. If you’re coming to the fair in 2019, you’re sure to get a ‘kick’ from the Fables Of The West gang and their trusty steeds, as they head out on the trail.

Slim & Curly, often referred to as ‘the little cowboys on the little horses’, have in 20 years time, performed at over 1300 fairs and events (in their entirety) from Alaska to Florida to Texas to their home state of California. They have opened up concerts for many of the top recording artists in the business including Lonestar and Kenny Chesney, they have sang onstage with Big & Rich (‘Save A Horse’) and have appeared on The Tonight Show.

And just what is it these cowboys do? Well if you’ve been to a fair in the US in the past decade, you’ve most likely run across their path. “Its high energy and interactive, and we try to involve fair guests by literally making them the main focus of the show”, says Ken McMeans, owner and founder of the Fables team. The group is actually labeled as a ‘strolling grounds act’- never really having a specific show time nor needing (or wanting) to be on a stage (“too far away from the crowd,” says Ken). “I guess I should give some credit to the horses we ride (‘faux’ Muppet-like miniatures), though they seem to sometimes steal our thunder.”

The show is always 100% G-rated, family entertainment. Each year, Fables Of The West continues to rank as one of the most booked touring acts in North America each year and is considered by many to be one of the top grounds acts in the nation.

Ken points out that every show is different and fresh, because, after all, the majority of it is improv. “We mostly make it up as we go along.”

Fables Of The West… What We Do 2019:

Look what these cowboys have done in the past twenty years:
The Most Booked Entertainment Act in The Western US…
One of the top booked touring acts in North America…
One of the top grossing grounds act in the United States…
Over 1300 fairs (in their entirety) in 19 years..
State & County Fairs in 42 states and Canada…
Onstage with Big & Rich, Lonestar, Foghat, etc…
Hundreds of TV/radio shows and interviews including The Tonight Show
What We Do:
Fables Of The West is a ‘strolling interactive grounds act’, for which we guarantee a minimum of two and a half hours on the grounds daily. However, we don’t stop there. In addition to that, we welcome the opportunity to do all, or some, of the following:

Mainstage concert audience warm up/emceeing… We have opened shows for many of the nation’s major country acts including Kenny Chesney, Big & Rich, Cowboy Troy, Terri Clark, Reba, Lonestar, Diamond Rio, Rascal Flatts, Chris Le Deaux, Tracy Byrd, Mark Chesnutt, Sugarland, etc. as well as mainstream acts such as Joe Cocker, Foghat, ZZ Top, MC Hammer and Pat Benatar.
Mutton Bustin’… We haze the sheep, help the kids up (and off, if need be), keep them from crying, keep the sheep from running in to or along the fence, and inspire the kids and help boost their confidence while relinquishing the ‘fear factor.’ We try to make it fun and safe for them and not an ordeal. We also provide your guests with an outrageous ongoing visual no matter their distance from the arena. (We have also announced/emceed this event from the arena floor itself)
Calf Scramble…We will assist you and the participants (without favoritism) in the arena. All of our performers are real cowboys and know how to help and not hinder.
VIP Director’s/Sponsors meetings and/or luncheons…
School Tours…
Special Friends Days/Rodeos/Events…
Charity Tie-ins…
(both on site and off)
Media Broadcasts/Promotions… We pride ourselves on our live TV/radio sensibilities. We promote the fair and generate excitement and enthusiasm within the community and area to help bolster attendance and revenues.
TV Commercials…We have starred in over a dozen TV commercials promoting different fairs and events.
… any or all of your special events
Grand Openings/Ceremonies…Let us get the folks smiling before they even get through the gate…
Unusual requests…We have done some wild things at the request of fair management, from hosting the Pig Races in Alaska, to announcing a Rodeo when the MIA announcer didn’t show, to a surprise roasting of an important Board Of Director’s President, to helping keep a State Senator’s speech short, to posing as Strawberry Industry experts (when a speaker failed to show for his seminar), to team penning sheep and attempting a team roping demonstration with our ‘faux’ horses (but real steers), to appearing onstage with Big & Rich, Foghat, Lonestar, Jerry Jeff Walker, Little Joe & La Familia, to helping country star Kevin Sharp as back up vocalists, to hosting awards presentations, to working as ‘crossing guards’ and directing traffic in the parking lot or on the streets in front of the fair (just to get the attention of the locals) . We are proud of our ability to cause trouble at the drop of a cowboy hat, and welcome the chance to leave ’em talking and scratching their heads!

Our Goals:

We have three goals in mind for your event:
1) To make your guests, staff, Directors, and Sponsors laugh, smile and keep smiling throughout the day and for the duration of your event…
2) To not just be a bonus for your guests, but instead to be a draw, and help increase attendance…
3) And finally, to do the kind of job that will encourage you to book us back year after year!

Our Cast Members:
We have three teams available for 2019 dates with two riders each. All of our cast members are talented, over the top improv performers. They are enthusiastic and personable (and just plain nice guys…and gals!) who can work well in almost any type location or venue, be it with adults or children of any age group, nationality, or demographic. Our show is ALWAYS 100 percent family entertainment with no material, actions or patter that would be offensive or inappropriate for anyone or any situation. And we guarantee our efforts! You and your guests will be talking about Slim & Curly of Fables Of The West for a long time to come!

For more information:

Ken McMeans

4 responses to “Fables Of The West (aka Slim & Curly)

  1. You guys were great “San Jose Harvest Festival”👍❤️ 11/23/18
    Jen, Mike & Claire
    (P.s. we liked you on Facebook)

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